Podcasts in Development

I have many ideas, and some of those ideas are for podcasts. I began work on some ideas with an old roommate of mine, Paul. But Paul got some great opportunities elsewhere and had to move away. That stalled things a bit, seeing as he was the master audio engineer with a great knack for putting sounds together. But, that whole situation just made me really think and realize, it’ll take sometime before I have all the content I will need to make some of these shows actually happen.

My focus in regard to podcasts right now, is to gather as much content as I can from people who are willing to sit down with me and share their stories. I have most of the structures for each show figured out. I am working on finding eligible and willing candidates who are as into the ideas of the shows as I am, as well as sound and audio engineers. To assist with production and offer creative input. Until I expand with like-minded creatives with skill sets I may not possess, it is about gathering all of the content to be ready for that day.

If you, or anyone you may know, has any experience with any of the topics covered in the following podcast descriptions, and would like to share them, please feel free to get in touch with me anytime. NW_001(black png)



The HurtCircus

This podcast is inspired by my personal experiences with the child welfare system. I believe the child welfare system is a circus, where you are either a tiger, stolen away from your home and forced into a new world, or a clown, running away to get to the circus. It is an overlooked part of our society that nobody really likes to talk about. And we are only now realizing how it effects those in that lifestyle, in the long-term. Good intentions do not always make good outcomes. This podcast would be an exploration into peoples’ different experiences with the child welfare system. Whether they be good, bad, working for the system or getting worked by the system. Each episode would focus on one person and their personal experiences, outlooks and understandings of what they went through. To bring to light what may be working within their structures, and what may not be working. And to also show those who may be unaware, or blind to the struggles some people face in that life.


Drugs, ya know? I find them so interesting, the way they can effect people, especially the ones who aren’t even taking them. This podcast is an exploration into modern drug culture. A collection of tails told by those who experienced them. Stories, lifestyles, cultures, counter-cultures, habits, hobbies, addictions and opinions all pertaining to drugs in our modern society. The war on drugs is over, and the drugs won ya’ll.


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