The Home Video Collection

I have always loved toys. Since I was a young boy, all the action figures I wished I had but could never really afford. I grew to collect them once I got older and began making my own money, which led me to the world of bootleg toys. A world of crossover creatives modifying beloved toys to create really clever and amazing new pieces. I have high hopes to one day enter that world. In January of 2018, I decided to finally take my first peak into that world. I tried my hand at mold casting.

I have yet to figure out my first bootleg toy model, but to get myself more acquainted with the mold casting process I decided to start The Home Video Collection. I am a self-proclaimed nostalgia junky, and that means I have an extensive VHS collection. I have always admired its iconic image and design in regards to my coming up in the world. Those little black bricks represent a lot to me, so naturally they became my muse for my collection and first mold casting endeavor. There was a lot of materials wasted, and many, many trips to Sculpture Supply Canada to get more. After a few days, and different techniques tried, I had myself a few tapes and was feeling more confident in regards to the whole process, and kind if light-headed. Ventilation is key. It is messy, but mixing it up, and all the preparation makes pulling the piece out of the mold all that much more satisfying.

Season 1 consists of 5 solid-plastic, imperfected VHS inspired statuettes. Each tape is numbered from 1 to 5, and has its own vintage plastic case, with a color matched sleeve and some random inserts. I have plans for season 2, and possibly a mini audio inspired spin-off series for my next mold casting endeavor. Making my way to one day creating my own original bootleg toy.NW_001(black png)


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