My mantra towards fashion and my whole outlook towards it has always been, “Why make more, when we have so much we can re-use and upcycle?”. I have the abilities to pattern draft garments from scratch and construct them but I feel the amount of waste it creates, to only one day become more and more waste is just pointless. I would rather modify an old and forgotten piece of clothing, and breathe some new life into. I believe in low fashion, not high fashion, and prefer my thrift store-grunge couture. It has more character, and lived a longer life than your average piece of clothing, bringing pieces from different eras together into a modern crossover piece.

With only season.1 done at the moment, and much of it sold already, I have been hard at work creating new, one of a kind pieces, for season.2. Stay tuned!

NW_001(black png)







2017// season.1

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