The Moving Home Project

The Moving Home Project was a brief collective I was a part of in the summer of 2016. We were brought together on a daily basis for two weeks to explore our experiences with lives consisting of a lot of transition brought on by the child welfare system. We discussed themes of expression and how the experiences effected each of us, and expressed though different mediums of art to present in our own, for one-night only, gallery. I found the experience challenging, but also gratifying in many ways. Being able to express and articulate my experiences to others from similar backgrounds, and really finding common ground with things we all felt very alone with.

I worked diligently each day, while also maintaining my regular job, to create many pieces for our exhibition. Mostly consisting of paintings and collage based works, I was proud of my efforts and even had some nice folks purchase some of my pieces. Our art show was held at SKETCH Toronto, a very lovely place full of amazing and hardworking people. People who help young people who do not have a lot of supports or resources, to create art and find their voice in a big bustling city. This experience certainly opened a door for me, towards using my experiences with the child welfare system to try and better the systems we have and help kids who may be feeling the same way I did from that life. It also was my first time taking part in an art show and helped me continue to refine my skills and further flesh-out my style and aesthetic.



NW_001(black png)


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