Why is it portrayed that it would take the end of the world for fashion to truly start recycling itself? In 2015 I had an idea called ScrxpPxcks. I have a strong belief in reusing what the rest of the world has already produced, used and discarded. With textiles making up 4% of landfills each year, it makes more sense to me to try and bring that number down as much as possible by taking those discarded garments and textiles and re-imagining them into new pieces. Using classic timeless backpack shapes and forms with chopped and dismembered garments such as hoodies, t-shirts, jackets and jeans, to create a familiar yet new piece, a ScrxpPxck. This entails that almost every backpack will have a one of a kind look, all depending on what resources are available.

NW_001(black png)



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