This is my final collection to end my studies of the fashion arts at Seneca College. Over the course of the final year we were tasked to conceive the themes and inspiration for a ten look fashion line, then we were to actually create 2-4 of the looks from that line. IMG_0817Those 2-4 looks were then compiled with my fellow student-designers’ lines into one grand runway show.

Nostalgia Couture, every piece should be a crossover episode. I chose to take a lot of the things that have been occupying my life lately, mainly the question of “growing up”. What does that mean in our modern world, and how do IMG_0820you do it? Especially when you were raised by fiction and floor model televisions. And then design a little underbellysociety capsule collection based around that quandary. I have always IMG_0819had a keen love for upcycled fashion, and made look 1 and look 3 from all upcycled and hand-salvaged materials and textiles. Chopping apart old pieces and re-imagining them into new pieces with much more appeal and character. Whereas look 2 and 4 are more ready-to-wear made garments to show I can bust them out from scratch as well. I like to diversify my mediums and how I create, and also have been working through my own life to connect the dots of past events to present behaviors, and through this collection I feel I have reflected on that journey so far.







look.1// upcycled fashion


look.2// ready-to-wear


look.3// upcycled fashion


look.iv// ready-to-wear


NW_001(black png)

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