College; Fashion Arts

Education is a big part of life, and it is not something finite, but everlasting. It is cliche to say but we should always be learning in life. In regards to formal education, I have spent four years studying the art of fashion design at Seneca College in North York, Ontario. I finished two programs, a 1 year, and a 3 year program, which both focused on aspects of fashion design as an art form, an industry, and its impact on the world. It helped as a creative focus, as I continue to refine my personal style and outlook. I finished my studies in the spring of 2018.

In addition to college, I have spent a lot of time studying the creative process and how it can be integral to self expression and the sharing of ideas. I hope to use what I have learned of the creative process and the confidence I have built upon to further explore my role in the creative world and how I might branch out and help others in their journey as well as my own.

Now that I am done school,  I would like to find a creative position within a company or brand that lines up with my ideals, outlooks and aesthetics. Not become just some cog in a position where  no thoughts are necessary.

NW_001(black png).png


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