Thanks to a tip from a good friend theHURTCIRCUS will soon be available on most podcasting platforms, approvals pending, check out our profile and stay tuned for episode 01 coming soon!


Just a little further now…

I have been developing a podcast idea that I would love to bring to life. TheHurtCircus is a conversational podcast where veterans of the child welfare system sit-down and discuss their experiences within these systems, and how they may have shaped them growing up. I believe there is a spectrum of experiences that many people go through in this kind of life, and it can really echo and follow you. I want to help inform those on the outside of what this life is like, and what challenges or benefits it offers growing up.


I am currently still in the process of finding people willing to sit down for a recorded conversation about how life in the system was for them. If you or anyone you know has lived experience with this “lifestyle”, please feel free to get in touch and or get involved! Until then, I have put together a small promo outlining the premise of the show which I have uploaded to a soundcloud account for the podcast to get the ball rolling. Some technical issues still to be worked out regarding proper podcasting docks like apple podcasts and such, but I will keep this page as updated as possible.

TheHurtCircus Episode 0



NW_001(black png)

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