third.i.tired magazine

ISSUE #1: Steppin’ out the shadows

In the journey of creation, it can be very difficult to know what to do with the light at the end of the tunnel. By this I mean, you can spend so much time and energy bringing an idea to life. Continuously talking yourself up and down throughout the entire process. The process of bringing yourself down, to then rise up higher than you thought by accomplishing what that voice inside you said you could not. An internal triumph conquered externally.

But, what then is to be done with said triumph? Beyond the easily overlooked social media posts, how do we remain tangible in our efforts and offerings, in such a virtual world? The t.i.t. mag, third.i.tired magazine, is my response to those quandaries. A collaborative and collective coming together of unsung artists and their work, to form a tangible platform for the unseen to show themselves. An experiment in exposure with hopes to grow together, and build off of each others’ work. To inspire, and evolve.

We are taking submissions from any artists who wish to submit some work. It can be anything; articles, op-eds, poetry, short stories, life tips and hacks, recipes, paintings, digital art, photography, photo shoots, fashion, collage, mixed media, art of any style just as long as it is able to be printed in the 2nd dimension, on page. From work to be seen, to voices to be heard, we are hoping to create a nourishing collection of inspiring and expanding art. To help artists be seen and shape their image in the real world, and inspire the readers.

If you or somebody you may know has a thirst to create, yet no fountain to tend. Send them our way! We are looking for anyone who wants to be involved in anyway! Reach out to me on my Instagram or send any submissions or inquiries to the email below.

If you are a creative, or wish to exercise your creativity but do not know where to begin, we have some staple segments we will be having each issue that will grant those people the opportunity to still be involved. We have the Muse of the Mag, where we choose a fictional character as a muse and artists are tasked with doing their interpretation of said character. Our first issue it is Halle Berry’s Sharon Stone from the original The Flinstones movie. We also will have a written segment called “R.I.P. to a younger me,” where artists write a letter to their younger self, and what they would say to better prepare them for what is to come. Just some optional homework for anyone who feels the desire to create but lacks the inspiration or motivation to do so. As well as “The Kitchen Fridge”, a segment for parents to share their children’s work, if they wish.

The general theme of our first issue is “Stepping out the shadows.”, a good way to set the stage and something we all need to do sooner or later. All “ads” within the magazine will be for projects that have been completed by artists that may not be suitable for print. (ie. music, podcasts, services, project announcements, call to collaborate) We hope to create a source for artists to create their own classified ads if they wish to find other artists for projects and opportunities.

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