titmag #1: Steppin’ out the Shadows

Ha-Za! We did it! 🙂

Our debut issue of third.i.tired magazine is finally here! A big thank you to everybody who, as our theme states, stepped out the shadows and showed yourselves to the world. We appreciate the efforts of all artists involved and hope you enjoy what you see. May it inspire! And please forgive any issues in the final product, this, like anything else, is a learning process. We aim to perfect our quality control and give better guidelines for artist submissions in regards to photo resolution, etc. We are a very small team here, so we are trying our best to figure this whole process out. The support and patience is greatly appreciated.

In these strange, strange times we find ourselves in we are working towards physical printed magazines as that was our original plan. A tangible platform, in hopes to inspire community and connection. But alas, pandemic living, at a distance. So here is a PDF version of our 1st issue, and if you wish to have a IRL copy, please send an e-mail our way. We will be receiving a limited number of printed issues, so don’t hesitate to claim your’s! All interested parties will be notified when they are being sent out. If you feel like you missed the boat, feel free to send any and all submissions to our e-mail to be included in the next issue of third.i.tired magazine. And remember folks, just because our third eye tired, don’t mean it ain’t open.



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