season.3: freedumbxx

In the underbelly, we have recently launched the first phase of season.3, the third installment of the upcycled fashion brand underbellysociety. Starting with a couple simple staple pieces, hand-painted and assembled by the head of house, Nicholas Ridiculous. With a focus on the newly designed manipanic logo, consisting of intersecting smiley faces sharing one mouth that shows two conflicting emotions. A representation of our modern duality. We will also be releasing our first series of enamel pins, pinDEAD, using original art from our archives. Stay tuned for that drop!

upcycle the world; MAKE ART. MAKE CHANGE.

FREEDUMBXX: the main themes for this seasons collection is the duality of our modern world. The masks we wear, and all the things we hide beneath them. The lies we force upon ourselves and others, to just make our lives tolerable.

season.3: freedumbxx

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