As the world began to find its footing in the fresh new world of quarantine living, a land of frustrating video calls and internet purchasing. I took part in a residency that turned virtual, as to adapt to the new social circumstances. It offered a bit of directional focus, especially when it came to revolving in quarantine. Our focus as a collective of creatives was to represent our ideas of what “Art for Social Change” meant to us in this unprecedented time of transition and stagnation. Through the residency formed The Collide-A-Scope Collective, to produce a virtual exhibition; F.R.V.R., “Fear. Rage. Vision. Reboot.”.

In my exploration of “Art for Social Change”. and what it means to me. I used my notion of “FREEDUMBXX” as the spark. The compromises we make, and the lies we tell ourselves to retain some form of comfortability and simulated control. We think we are free, but by who’s standards? Not our own, but in our ultimate powerlessness, we compromise. In hopes to convince ourselves we feel a little bit better than we really do. It raises the question, how do we make the sacrifice we have been conditioned not to? “Art for Social Change” should push people to think differently, from another side. But in a world where people cling to their ideals like the skin on their back, it is hard for the necessary changes we need to enforce the evolution we crave. A lot of people spend their whole lives running, “Art for Social Change” is the Jester in the king’s court, the reflection meant to shape the world into one we don’t want to run away from.

This residency was made possible by SKETCH and Making with Place, very much appreciation to them and all the work they do to help support emerging and established artists.

The full video exhibit can be found at the bottom of the page!






During this residency, me and my musical partner in DIMEBAGCREW began production on our 4th album. With our deadline being the end of summer, we have grinded out a 16 track spread. DIMEBAGCREW is a collaborative effort between myself, Nicholas Ridiculous A.K.A. NicRidic, and my driven and talented creative partner; DBDroh. We will make an official announcement once the major work is done.

We also took sometime and made a little #FREEDUMBXX diddy to tack onto my video exhibit.



PINDEAD: Enamel Pin Series

During this residency I produced my first enamel pin using some artwork from my tradigital archives. The artwork I chose is a piece inspired by a cosplay I saw on a meme once. After boosting a post for the pins on Instagram, it was brought to my attention, who the original cosplay image was done by. I had no idea, and don’t really know the rules for the creative collage that is the internet art world, but I did my best to resolve the misunderstanding with the resources available, which to be honest, is not much. Makes a very limited run. The “Thicc Comfy Couch” pin, artwork inspired by @SHOPLASTRITES cosplay of Lunette the Clown from the classic children’s television show The Big Comfy Couch.


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#freedumbxx ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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unwanted reminders // freedumbxx // 2020 // SOLD

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i so, lated. // #freedumbxx // 2020 // SOLD

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