Bartley III

A couple years ago I wrote a little story, my homage to those classic furry folk tales we all loved as children. Bartley is a relatable tale, about a familiar journey we all embark on in our lives. About the risks we take and wrong decisions we make to convince ourselves we belong. This is the final chapter of our story. A big thank you to Olivia Calver for collaborating on this project and creating such beautiful illustrations for the story. Really bringing the characters to life. Enjoy the conclusion of Bartley’s adventure!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my first story release. Conclusions are always hard, a great conclusion should ultimately be the beginning to the next chapter. Which can leave the reader feeling both stuffed and starved for more, all at the same time. And that’s just the duality of life. I will announce if this story ever gets the tangible book treatment it deserves, time will tell. Don’t stop trying to find your place no matter the obstacle, our lowest points offer the greatest rise.

If you dig Olivia’s animal illustration skills, hit her up on Instagram to get a pet portrait commissioned of your fur baby!

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