L0R3H0Rz Ep. 01: Lost & Foundlings

They say the world is a stage, now a days though it feels more like a screen. What better time than now to hop on the wave and start producing some video content, and put some effort into bring my youtube channel to life. As someone who was ultimately raised by t.v. I am slightly disappointed to not have utilized the resource sooner.

So without further ado, I present the first episode of our homegrown talkshow; L0R3H0Rz! For a lot of us, pop culture content is something we follow like a sports league. We are jumping into the virtual conversation picking apart the things we adore most. This episode our conversation focused on The Mandalorian finale, but as good conversation always does, it trailed off into many different areas.

Thanks for tuning in folks!

I found the experience of recording and editing video content quite enjoyable. It takes a lot of different mediums and just smooshes them together forcing you to pull on all these different points of knowledge within yourself.

We do not have the best equipment for this at all, so it made the process quite frustrating at times. All technical work, on the real, fell upon our pocket ponies, them black mirrors, our almighty smartphones. We can only hope it lends to the esthetic stylings. But when things did work finally, and it came together more than a month later, it is like, yeah…. worth it. We hope you enjoyed hanging out, and thanks for taking the time.

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