My First Book// 1991

1991: i hate it here, but i love u

Time to celebrate ya’ll! Dirty 30, here we are. A new year, same old me motherfuckers. In celebration I have released my first self-published book. A collection of poetry and pictures from over the years. Many of the poems were my way of sorting through emotions and headspaces I couldn’t quite understand in those times. I owed it to my younger self to collaborate on this project with their work and find some way to present it to the world. And to be frank, it feels good to finish things. If not for anything, than to make more space in the old mental workshop.

I had a plan for this week to complete some things before my 20’s came to an end, and for the most part that has been achieved. Thank you for coming along this journey and being there. That shit is important. Check out my YouTube channel where I will be dropping a little diddy I threw together with some help from my amazing partner in rhyme DBDroh, later today.

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Celebrate & Support!

Get your copy here:

1991: i hate it here, but i love u

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