Paperback Fiction: Bartley

In late October I self-published a story I wrote called Bartley. I will include the book description below along with the purchasing link.

This is my second published work, but the first that is of fiction. The first of many, I hope to continue building the momentum of my work. I worked with a very talented artist on this project for the illustrations. Olivia Calver did a great job of putting faces to the characters’ names, bringing a new life and layer to the story. The illustrations act as imagination prompts throughout the story, giving a starting point for the mind’s eye.

If you get yourself a copy, please reach out and let me know your thoughts on the story. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support.


Join Bartley in this story of trying to find a place in life. Come along on his lonesome adventure, his attempt to find home, bumping in to plenty of trouble along the way. Making friends turned foes, and strangers turned friends, ducking and dodging cruel intentions as he braves the wilds of the wider world.

After tragedy strikes, Bartley is forced to take responsibility for his life and works towards finding a place he can feel comfortable. Unsure of who he is, he hopes to figure that out. On his harrowing journey from where he was to where he hopes to be, he learns a lot about who he is, and who he hopes to become. Unaware of the dangers awaiting him, he will have to use the lessons of life as he learns them. All in hopes of finding home.

This book is a creative collaboration, with the story being created and written by Nicholas Ridiculous, and the illustrations done by Olivia Calver.

Purchasing Link:

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