Grow Up. II

It is trippy to think it has almost been a decade of this nostalgia inspired series. An homage to the role models of fiction that litter our lives so beautifully. Teaching us all the things life forgets to mention, if you are willing to decipher the puzzle that is storytelling. Never downplay the importance of story, it is how we continue to evolve. Which is a sad realization when you look around in today’s world of mass entertainment and distraction, the integrity of storytelling is being diminished right before our eyes. Hold on to your heros, and the stories that helped you grow.

Here is an update on some of the latest pieces in my ongoing canvas series “Grow Up.” ***

I keep an online portfolio on instagram; @thelastcandybandit // hit me up if you are interested in purchasing a piece from the collection, or if you’d like to commission a custom idea that you want to make a reality. ❤

Canvas Portfolio Instagram

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