Better belated than notta huh;

I turned 31.

I have never been good at self-celebration, and often my introvertedness rises to the top and I go inward in times of self celebration. I just always feel weird putting my own shit onto other people, good times & the bad. So I create, the best I can atleast.

I have been working at a dispensary so I spent most of my actual birthday there, but got the opportunity to put out some DBC singles as preludes to our up and coming album “OTHER WORLD”, as well as just a silly photoshoot with myself because… why not?

I got a really cool reminder as well that, a lot of shit in life will bring you down and make you forget the things you have in the world… but damn when you remember and realize beyond the tricks and betrayals that you got family, that shit hits like a fist to the nose bb.

Cel-ebrate, good time, come on!

As always check-out my podcast theHURTCIRCUS, still inconsistently uploaded episodes as I do.


One of the birthday drops that is really close to my heart this year is the Wayne’s World tribute hat we released from underbellysociety. It has been my favorite flick since I was a tiny boy, it only felt right to pay tribute in the form of the trucker hat and recreating the VHS cover.


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