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On May 17th, I got the opportunity to lead and facilitate my VIBEBloom workshop; “POP-ART+”! It was my personal process, and crash-course in basic pop-art creation. I tried to showcase the process starting from a blank canvas, to the final piece. A lot of the focus of discussion orbited around topics like creative expectations to execution, finding inspiration, color theory and mostly the basic elements of prepping the canvas to be worked upon. The themes I present within the workshop are nothing new or crazy, just basic tips and tricks most artists know or come to realize.

I stated in the beginning of my workshop, I do not believe someone can teach somebody else how to be creative. Creativity is a personal thing to everyone, and is something we all must find and refine for ourselves. I do not teach you how to paint a purple tree on a nice landscape, I present techniques and pathways that help others access their own ideas.

These are some images of the final piece I created for the workshop, as well as some of the process canvases I used to demonstrate the phases of the process. I decided to donate the final piece from the workshop to be displayed in the VIBEarts offices.

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