We all out here struggling sometimes, some more than others. But there comes a point where you realize that wallowing in the hardship or sorrows that come from it, is not the resolution to it. So this is my contribution to the issues I felt most touched by, or atleast where my voice feels the strongest.

I was hired by Partisans to be an experiential consultant on an idea for a project, I was asked to come on after attending a focus group on housing for youth exiting the child-welfare industry. I worked from home, as many people did at the time, and I researched housing typologies, other youth experiences and programs around the world with the same intentions of our own. Over time I received a lot of mixed messages like “add more of your voice” and “it seems to personal”, so it began to feel like much of the same type of experience I had felt before when working with the same agency, Woodgreen Community Service. It just became sterile and I more or less ended up sweeping floors at the architecture office over time as the project faded out.

Finally though, I got around to getting all my writing together and putting it together into my own contribution to the issues. I did my best to funnel my experiences into aspects of the housing issues youth can face when exiting the child-welfare industry. I attempt a balance of personal and general experience and paint the possibility of a better way forward in how we support young people as they enter the world beyond childhood ankst. I only know what I know, and what I don’t is lots. I can’t say I have the power to make the changes we need, but I can hope to help those who can.

Finding Home is available through Amazon, as I am an independent artist and publish as such. You can find my other published works there as well.

Finding Home on Amazon

Available through Amazon.

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