In September, 2022, we culminated the LaunchPad project with a solo showcase gallery in a space in downtown Toronto. I took really wanted to get as much as I could from this experience so I doubled my personal showcase as a pop-up shop also. The showcase was a multi-media medley comprising of all that makes up RIDIC’S WORLD; fashion, traditional and digital art, sculptures, books … Continue reading RIDIC’S WORLD RECAP

VIBEarts: VIBEBloom// POP-ART +

On May 17th, I got the opportunity to lead and facilitate my VIBEBloom workshop; “POP-ART+”! It was my personal process, and crash-course in basic pop-art creation. I tried to showcase the process starting from a blank canvas, to the final piece. A lot of the focus of discussion orbited around topics like creative expectations to execution, finding inspiration, color theory and mostly the basic elements … Continue reading VIBEarts: VIBEBloom// POP-ART +


Better belated than notta huh; I turned 31. I have never been good at self-celebration, and often my introvertedness rises to the top and I go inward in times of self celebration. I just always feel weird putting my own shit onto other people, good times & the bad. So I create, the best I can atleast. I have been working at a dispensary so … Continue reading 22.4.22

VIBEarts: LaunchPad

I got offered an opportunity for a project last fall to be a part of this years cohort for the LAUNCHpad program. As a part of LAUNCHpad by VIBEarts, I got some funding to explore and execute some projects and pieces I have had in my head but not the budget to make reality. Especially in regards to my sculpting and mold-making, on the road … Continue reading VIBEarts: LaunchPad