dimebagcrew; indie hip-hop

The dimebagcrew started as a small clothing brand idea back in 2012. I have posted about that lower on the site. But we were young and just didn’t know what we were doing, overtime though, the dimeebagcrew learned to make music. I have always been a poet, and the transition to musical wordplay was only […]

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UPDATE;// theHURTCIRCUS is now live! It is available on all podcasting platforms, check out our profileĀ for links, or just search it up in whatever podcatcher you may use! I will do my best to have an episode done and ready every other week for the first season. Our first episode drop last week! theHURTCIRCUS Just […]


Podcasts in Development

I have many ideas, and some of those ideas are for podcasts. I began work on some ideas with an old roommate of mine, Paul. But Paul got some great opportunities elsewhere and had to move away. That stalled things a bit, seeing as he was the master audio engineer with a great knack for […]

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