dimebagcrew; indie hip-hop

The dimebagcrew started as a small clothing brand idea back in 2012. I have posted about that lower on the site. But we were young and just didn’t know what we were doing, overtime though, the dimeebagcrew learned to make music. I have always been a poet, and the transition to musical wordplay was only […]

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UPDATE;// theHURTCIRCUS is now live! It is available on all podcasting platforms, check out our profile for links, or just search it up in whatever podcatcher you may use! I will do my best to have an episode done and ready every other week for the first season. Our first episode drop last week! theHURTCIRCUS Just […]



Education is a big part of life, and it is not something finite, but everlasting. It is cliche to say but we should always be learning in life. In regards to formal education, I have spent four years studying the art of fashion design at Seneca College in North York, Ontario. I finished two programs, […]

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This is my final collection to end my studies of the fashion arts at Seneca College. Over the course of the final year we were tasked to conceive the themes and inspiration for a ten look fashion line, then we were to actually create 2-4 of the looks from that line. Those 2-4 looks were […]

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Drunken Castles Galleria

     In early 2018, Nicholas organized his own in-house art show. An art show showcasing his work along with a couple other artists from the Toronto area. Nicholas was on the verge of moving and decided to utilize the opportunity and space to celebrate and showcase his work in his own environment. It was […]

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