VIBEarts: VIBEBloom// POP-ART +

On May 17th, I got the opportunity to lead and facilitate my VIBEBloom workshop; “POP-ART+”! It was my personal process, and crash-course in basic pop-art creation. I tried to showcase the process starting from a blank canvas, to the final piece. A lot of the focus of discussion orbited around topics like creative expectations to execution, finding inspiration, color theory and mostly the basic elements … Continue reading VIBEarts: VIBEBloom// POP-ART +


Better belated than notta huh; I turned 31. I have never been good at self-celebration, and often my introvertedness rises to the top and I go inward in times of self celebration. I just always feel weird putting my own shit onto other people, good times & the bad. So I create, the best I can atleast. I have been working at a dispensary so … Continue reading 22.4.22

VIBEarts: LaunchPad

I got offered an opportunity for a project last fall to be a part of this years cohort for the LAUNCHpad program. As a part of LAUNCHpad by VIBEarts, I got some funding to explore and execute some projects and pieces I have had in my head but not the budget to make reality. Especially in regards to my sculpting and mold-making, on the road … Continue reading VIBEarts: LaunchPad

Grow Up. II

It is trippy to think it has almost been a decade of this nostalgia inspired series. An homage to the role models of fiction that litter our lives so beautifully. Teaching us all the things life forgets to mention, if you are willing to decipher the puzzle that is storytelling. Never downplay the importance of story, it is how we continue to evolve. Which is … Continue reading Grow Up. II

SSN.V: badbones ’22

We have been working hard to drop weekly additions to our fifth season collection. Continuing our offerings of 1 of 1 upcycled pieces and pop-culture inspired streetwear basics. We have put a lot of focus into our beloved “9Ds” capsule collection, an homage to the fictions that raised us through T.V., as well as expanded the number of products we offer; from mousepads to shoes. … Continue reading SSN.V: badbones ’22


Our latest offering in my underbellyshop is a collection of canvas art prints. They vary in size depending on the piece, and we dropped 4 pieces to start. With many more on the way. These pieces are inspired by the multiverse that is the modern age of pop-culture, genres bend and mix, generations combine and our styles and loves become timeless, the fusing of our … Continue reading POPculturesuicide.collection

Paperback Fiction: Bartley

In late October I self-published a story I wrote called Bartley. I will include the book description below along with the purchasing link. This is my second published work, but the first that is of fiction. The first of many, I hope to continue building the momentum of my work. I worked with a very talented artist on this project for the illustrations. Olivia Calver … Continue reading Paperback Fiction: Bartley

BEENDEAD: Handmade Choker Collection

Today, we have released a very limited collection of handmade chokers; BEENDEAD These chokers are made with a diverse array of beading, spanning generations and style periods. Introducing old habits to new ideas, to create a timeless fusion of calamitous elegance. BEENDEAD lives out of a box at the intersection of bad class and faded nostalgia. “Choker harder.” Batch 1 contains 6 handmade pieces which … Continue reading BEENDEAD: Handmade Choker Collection